Web Practice Live Security


Internet based programs do raise people's concern regarding confidentiality and security. Frequent reports in the media of internet based attacks and viruses are found. As with all new technology it takes time to master. After three decades it has now reached sufficient maturity that banks, government organisations and health care sector feel secure and comfortable using.

One of the concerns of internet based information is the ability for people in remote locations around the world to be able to circumvent security. This is protected on networks not exposed to the internet due to malicious attackers have to physically access a networked computer. However, this is no longer the scenario as many computers are connected to the internet constantly at office and home. Therefore private information stored on any computer exposed to internet is vulnerable.

The advantage of having a single or small collection of servers that hold all information and the software, as in the case of Web Practice live, is that it is actually easier to protect and safe guard. Our servers hold all information and they are monitored 24/7 by trained staff to protect from attack and unauthorised entry. The servers we use are used by banks and government organisation for their secure services. The protection is offered in multiple layers:

In reality a managed server looked after by trained professionals is significantly harder to compromise than small business / office networks as they do not have the expertise or resources to keep up to date with the quick pace of the internet.

Even though your computer will not hold patient information we recommend that you use a current supported operating system and have automatic updates enabled and apply all security patches. We insist on installing one of the major antivirus suites and update this regularly.