Web based Medical Software

Medical Databases

Development of secure medical database requires both knowledge of clinical practice and programming knowledge. This is an area we excel in. Whether you are developing database for audit or research purposes we can help in design specifications that comply with ethics committee regulations.

Web based Medical SoftwareTwo most common models of implementation are desktop based software or web based data collection. We have experience in developing in both scenarios. The pros and cons of each will need to be considered in each case to decide on the best outcome in terms of compliance of data entry.

Web based Medical SoftwareSimple analysis of data can be accomplished with either desktop or web based medical databases. However complex analysis, especially in case of research will require dedicated statistics software. This is where database design and implementation is critical so the correct information is collected in the right format for analysis.

Web based Medical SoftwareWeb based databases can be easily integrated into our product WebPracticeLive so it can seamlessly integrate with your practice. The result is a secure, backed-up, readily available resource that can be accessed in multiple locations.