Web Practice Live Questions

Common questions

Here are a collection of frequently asked questions about Web Practice live. Technical questions and help are posted on closed section for subscribers. Please email us if you have further questions.

Does your program work on PC or Mac?
Web Practice live works on both PC and Mac computers, as well as Linux, iOS and Android platforms. All it requires is a modern web browser and broadband internet connection.

What software is needed or works on?
It works on popular modern web browsers. Our recommendation is Mozilla Firefox, as it is available on many platforms, it is free and fast. Also we have extensively tested our product on this browser. Safari web browser and Google Chrome also preform admirably. Only the later versions of Internet Explorer (&great;8) work well.

Can I use it on my iPhone / Android Phone / iPad / Tablet?
The program works on these platforms as they use compatible web browsers. However the phones are not recommended currently due to the small screen size. The Tablets and iPad give reasonable viewing size but ideally need separate keyboard as the pop-up keyboard hides half the screen when typing.

Can I keep a copy of the data on my computer?
Theoretically this is possible, however we strongly discourage this. In order to protect confidential patient information regular updates, anti-virus scanning, firewall, back-up, theft protection measures need to be implemented. This requires daily, if not hourly monitoring which is why we do this on the server for you. You may instead prefer to print a copy of letters, invoices, etc. and keep paper filing system at your office.

What happens if the internet does not work?
We recommend that you use a wired ADSL internet connection from a reliable provider. In the unlikely case this fails, we would recommend a 3G wireless dongle or pairing with your smart phone's 3G to access the internet.

How reliable is your server?
Our server is located in a data centre which as multiple high-speed links (Tier 1 - internet equivalent of fast motorway) through different telecommunications company. Therefore for extremely unlikely you will not be able to reach the server. We do however perform regular maintenance and shut down the server for some of the updates. These are scheduled for after 10pm and for maximum of few hours only.

Can I switch later to another software?
Currently there is no simple means of switching to different medical software. Each company's software is protected under copyright and we cannot access their design. It is possible to get hard copies of your patient files printed at additional cost.