Web Practice Live Pricing

Pricing & Contract

Web Practice live is a subscription based service. For a monthly fee you will get access to the web based software through the internet. Payment is due on the first working day of each month. There are no software setup fees. Updates, backup and security are provided automatically as part of the subscription.

No minimum term contract
No long term contracts are required. Subscription is monthly based. There is no part month subscription, however if you are not practicing for number of months then subscription can be placed on hold.

Starting private practice?
WebPracticelive is ideally suited as there are no large infrastructure expenses to pay. We will give you a trial period and this can be extended until you actually start seeing patients regularly.

Computer hardware requirements
The requirements are minimal compared to installed software. The costs of these are not included in your subscription and you will need to purchase separately. Any computer that is less than 2-3 years old with broadband internet connection will suffice. Typically they cost NZ$2000 / AU$1900 each. A laser printer is recommended which costs approx. NZ$800 / AU$700, or more if you wish colour. Label printer is approx. NZ$300 / AU$290. Other peripherals that may be useful are scanner NZ$450 / AU$400. You will be able to purchase these locally or we can help. A fast wired broadband access is essential through your Telco (Telecom / Telstra). Wireless broadband (3G) tends to be unreliable for anything other than light use.

Please email us to arrange a convenient time to discuss your needs and trial our product.