Web Practice Live Freedom

Freedom of Practice

One of great aspects of Web Practice live is freedom to practice anywhere. While competitors offer VPN access, this can be cumbersome to setup and require software at each location. Web Practice live can be accessed through you desktop, laptop or tablet whether you at work, theatre, commuting or at home. Freedom without hassle.

With more consultants practicing in multiple locations and rooms across each city, Web Practice live offers a central location for your patient information. At main work sites, the use of broadband internet access will enable fast access to information. While in other location you can use mobile 3G/4G data access to look up information.

Billing and payment can be processed at remote location as whole system is readily available. You can look up next week’s schedule on your smart phone. The freedom and efficiency it provides is immense.

Typing documents and checking can be a tedious task. However as the software is web based your typist can do this remotely or be outsourced easily. The type letters are there in real time when you log on to check and approved. With the ease of internet letters can be faxed straight away as well.

Web Practice live will enable you to utilise your precious time by giving you access to information anytime everywhere.