Roborant SPMS Questions

Common Questions

Here are some of the common questions that are asked. If you have questions then please email us for specific advice and answers.

What computer / operating system is supported?
Currently on Microsoft Windows is supported. Windows XP is the primary platform; however it will run on Windows 7 with compatibility mode.

What happens if the hardware fails?
If it is within the warranty period we will repair or replace it for you. If outside the warranty period then there will be additional charge. With the initial install we provide a CD with your setting preloaded, therefore it is a simple manner to install the program.

Can it do … ?
There are number of features it provides, however it does not provide all the features of our competitors. This is specifically done to reduce the complexity of the program. This ensures that a temporary secretary can use the program with a 15 minute demonstration. It is important to note that many medical software programmes provide a lot of features that are not really useful.

Are there new features coming?
Currently there are no new features planned. However if you require specific functionalty then it can be added. We have moved development on to our new flagship product WebPracticelive.

Can I access the program from home or another site?
Yes. Through VPN, a secure network can be setup between the computers. However broadband internet access is required at both sites as well as additional hardware and software.